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Convert 'last mile' challenges into opportunities



We assist governments and enterprises to convert 'last-mile' service delivery challenges into opportunities for expansion and growth. Quality, efficiency and costs of last-mile operations are a matter of major concern for banks, enterprises and government agencies.

Optipace Technologies specializes in building high quality mobility and last mile service delivery solutions.

We offer design, development and engineering services in embedded and mobility space. Our solutions enable on-field high velocity business transactions at highly competitive rates.


Optipace Technologies is a young company with a ten plus years' experience in mobility space.

Optipace Technologies is headquartered in Bangalore. We started operations in August 2014. Our team though, has been working together for over a decade now. Our core strength areas are product designing and engineering. We work on building embedded solutions.
We have expertise on Linux, Android and iOS. We have worked on mobile and last-mile technology solutions since 2003. In 2003 the market for mobile solutions was in its nascent stages. We invented and adapted to ensure a seamless transition for this technology to Indian conditions. We built one of India's most successful handheld terminal devices for last-mile service delivery solutions. With long years of experience and the vision that comes with it, we find ourselves poised for greater innovation and creativity in mobile solutions.
To deliver optimal technology solutions with pace and dexterity so as to convert last-mile operations into unique growth opportunities for our clients

To become a leading solution provider to enterprises and institutions for their mobility and last mile delivery solutions



The core team at Optipace works on two pillars –technology and solutions. We believe that technology competence, though a must, is essentially a tool and not the end.
The primary focus of our team is to employ technology to deliver visionary solutions.

Dr.Subramanya P.R., Founder & CEO

Dr. P. R. Subramanya, popularly known as Subbu, is a programmer at heart and a pragmatist in spirit. Though founding OptiPace was more circumstantial than a pre-decided career move, it has given wings to his passion to develop and build innovative products. Subbu is the Chief Executive Officer at OptiPace Technologies. In his former avataar as Vice President –Technology, Geodesic Limited, Subbu handled research & development activities, and spearheaded ‘ All Things Geoamida’, their last-mile delivery platform. He was a core member of the Amida Simputer team, and was a prolific contributor to its applications base.

An alumnus of IIT Powai (Computer Science & Engineering), he did his PhD from IISc Bangalore in Computational Complexity Theory. The topics close to his heart are Algorithms and Complexity, Machine Learning, Education and Responsible Citizenship, and The Art of Living.

Ashokkumar G.P., Founder & CTO

Ashokkumar G P is a Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Optipace Technologies. He is responsible for Product Design, Development and Manufacturing.

Ashok brings rich experience in the fields of Electronics, System Software and Industrial Design. He has handled complete product cycles for multiple products. Ashok was an Associate Vice President for Geodesic Limited prior to the founding of OPTIPACE. At Geodesic he played a lead role in design and development of various products like ‘Geoamida - handheld point of sale terminal, tablet PCs and kiosks. He was a core member of the Simputer team.

Ashok holds a Masters degree (Master of Technology) in Electronics Design and Technology from Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (CEDT), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Tushar Rathor, Business Development & Sales, Bangalore

Tushar Rathor is responsible for Business Development and Sales at OptiPace, Bangalore. He works on developing new client relationships and building long term strategic partnerships. His career focus has revolved around selling mobility solutions to enterprises and generating new business opportunities. Tushar brings over 12 years of experience in Planning, Project Management, Software Quality Control & Management, Client Account Management and Operations. Prior to his role at OptiPace, Tushar was AVP – Operations (GeoAmida) at Geodesic, Bangalore, where he handled Delivery Management and Key Accounts Management. In the past he has also held different positions which include pre-sales management and building and heading a quality control team.

A dedicated and a passionate individual with an eye for detail and an uncanny ability to analyze problems, Tushar adds value to the organization by delivering projects and services successfully. Tushar holds a bachelor’s degree in CSE from M.G.M's College of Engineering, Nanded. He is an avid traveller and a lover of outdoor sports.

Ramesh Kulkarni, Head, Business Development & Delivery, Pune Branch

Ramesh Kulkarni manages Sales, Business Development and Delivery activities at OptiPace, Pune. He is a core team member responsible for building the ‘enterprise mobility & handheld device business’ across Financial Inclusion, eKYC, Micro Finance, Micro Insurance, Retail, Logistics and Government projects like NREGA, e-PDS and UID.

He is a result oriented technology leader with 23+ years of experience & expertise in Sales and Business Development including Product Development, Project / Program / Delivery Management of large, complex, multicultural / multi location, multidisciplinary technology programs, Operations, Global Team Building, Practice Building / New Business Line Setups and Consulting.

He has completed graduation from Pune University and successfully completed Executive Management Programme jointly structured by U21 Global, Singapore and Harvard Business School.


Optipace presents a series of integrated last-mile service delivery platforms.

  • Cost-Effective delivery of financial services

    OptiBank - Micro-ATM solution for banks and financial institutions Last mile connectivity is the biggest challenge faced by financial institutions when reaching out to the financially excluded sections of the society. OptiBank handheld platform effectively addresses the problem of cost-effective last mile delivery of financial services.

    OptiBank is a Micro-ATM compliant handheld terminal. It can effectively support last mile banking transactions such as cash withdrawals, deposits, loan disbursements, loan collections, DBT, remittance, funds transfer, mini statement etc. at the customer’s door-step. OptiBank platform supports display and printing of receipts in regional languages.

    OptiBank facilitates high-velocity transactions, thus achieving better volumes in a given time. The quality of service goes several notches higher thanks to improved efficiency and sophistication of operations. It is a device with many security features. Many services can also be offered offline. Mobile & TV recharge facility, ticket booking, paying Insurance premium etc. are added attractions to generate additional revenue.

    OptiBank is Aadhaar enabled and has support for Rupay, Credit/Debit card transactions.

    Application Areas: Financial inclusion, Remittances, Rural banking, Agent Banking.

  • Improved efficiency in loan collections

    Microfinance institutions serving small shopkeepers, craftsman and other low-income population face several last-mile challenges. Tracking and accounting money collection and disbursement in remote villages, and the propensity for fraud, can make these operations financially unviable. OptiFin is a mobile technology platform for smarter and cost-effective last mile microfinance management.

    OptiFin is a Biometric(AADHAAR enabled), GPRS & Smartcard enabled handheld device. It handles on-field computing and transaction processing for operations connected with micro credit, micro insurance, remittance etc at the customer’s door step.

    OptiFin facilitates faster transactions and greatly improves transparency of operations. It reduces manual intervention and helps establish standard systems leading to enhanced customer experience. Transactions can be tracked, audited and monitored in real time. This can help institutions to take informed decisions. It is a device with many security features. Many services can also be offered offline. Mobile & TV recharge facility, ticket booking, paying Insurance premium etc. are added attractions to generate additional revenue.

    Application: Microfinance, Microinsurance

  • Improved and effective delivery of services to citizens

    E-governance is evolving as an effective tool for governments to deliver services to citizens and businesses. E-governance faces many challenges in effective last-mile delivery, especially while reaching out to citizens. Lack of IT infrastructure and internet connectivity, illiteracy, lack of information about government initiatives, power shortages are some of them. OptiGov is an ideal solution to overcome these difficulties and deliver services effectively to citizens.

    OptiGovern is a Biometric(AADHAAR), GPRS & Smartcard enabled handheld device. It performs on field computing and transaction processing for data and financial operations connected with egovernance.

    OptiGovern is an outreach revolution. This simple handheld mobile device can improve administrative effectiveness many fold by empowering governments in delivering financial services, data collection, distribution management and traffic management. OptiGov can deliver greatly improved efficiency (reducing time required from days and months to seconds and minutes) and greatly improved transparency (tracking and audit of resources and goods).

    Application: E-Billing, E-challans, MNREGS, E-PDS, E-KYC, ePASS, Mid-day meals

  • Mobility solution for enterprises

    Field force plays a critical role in most businesses. Enhancing the productivity of the field-force can pose many challenges. Many productive hours of the field force get spent in tedious manual functions like getting paper forms filled up, digitizing and uploading information from these forms. Regardless of the industry, unavailability of information on the field can have crippling effects for a company. Delayed decision making can mean many missed opportunities. OptiBiz, a tool for field force automation, is designed to help companies to optimise field force productivity through real time data exchange.

    OptiBiz is a hand-held mobile device. It offers wide range of automation and mobility solutions for field force automation, logistics, supply chain, transportation and other service industries. It handles on-field computing and transaction processing for data and financial operations connected with businesses. OptiBiz also facilitates efficient inventory management.

    Application: Van sales operations, Logistics, Sales force automation, Queue busting, POS billing

  • Attendance Management System

    Every country's future lies in its youth. In the formative years, it is absolutely imperative that students attend classes to grasp and imbibe the right knowledge and education.

    Education system has lot of levels; from primary education to secondary education to higher level right upto the Higher & Professional Education levels. While there are multiple problems that need to get addressed to achieve our goal of quality education for all, we focus our attention on monitoring student attendance during classes.

    It has been found that Biometric way of marking student attendance, both in HEI as well as hostels, can be an effective way to overcome proxy. Such digital mechanism can enable HEIs to keep an eye on a student’s movement and whereabouts in failsafe manner. Even most organizations the world over use Time and Attendance systems to record when employees/ individuals start and stop work. The use of biometrics as the means of identification has gained wide acceptance and is a fairly fail-proof means of identification. Biometrics (i.e. Fingerprints) requires that the individual be physically present while giving attendance and this, in fact, eliminates any possibility of malafides.

    Application: Classroom & Exam attendance

  • Parking Management System

    With increasing number of vehicles on the road, parking is one of the major problems faced in many cities. High volume of vehicles and inadequate parking spaces further create congestion, obstruction to emergency services vehicles, accidents and also have an adverse effect to the environment.

    Civic bodies in cities are striving to solve these problems to ease traffic flow by providing parking solutions to citizens.

    OptiPayPark is an end-to-end Pay-and-Park solution which civic bodies can deploy to provide better services to citizens.

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